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Allure’ is described as the quality of being powerfully attractive and fascinating. Very few words in the English language accurately describe the way our products light up spaces so eloquently; which is what led to us adopting the name ‘Space Allure’ for our online presence, as it captures the true definition of who we are.

After 3 decades of innovative and design-led lighting solutions, we have decided to branch out our services to a newer and wider consumer base. Hence, we are excited to announce that we, at CLS, are extending our horizons by setting foot into the online world of retail and commerce, taking us one step closer to our customers.

As we aim to bring our allure to your designs and spaces, we hope you will accompany us as we continue to illuminate the interior and exterior spaces with decorative, architectural, and technical lighting.


CLS Lighting is a leading Lighting Solutions Company founded in 1991 and headquartered in Bangalore, India. We specialize in lighting products that combine efficiency and elegance with a strong focus on customization as well as localization to suit various applications. Our core expertise in lighting technology enables us to plan, design, and manufacture customized lighting products in-house. We’re a choice brand for consumers as we provide expert installation support as well as after-sales & warranty services along with our international grade products.



As an entity, CLS is part of the Chandra Group of Companies, a 100-year old enterprise spread across multiple business verticals. Established in 1918, Chandra Group’s venture started in the hospitality industry. Over the last century, with the help of resilient teams, the Chandra group has spread the enterprise across Hospitality, Hardware, Lighting, Home Interiors, Real Estate, and Corporate Interior Turnkey Industries. The group’s diversified business functions offer end-to-end services to corporate & residential clients. CLS, along with our parent group, embrace the future through constant innovation and state-of-the-art technology.


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